Hugo Chloe Felix Aiden

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Stop your crying

I will protect you

I am here for you

No matter what

Weather shall come

Natural or Man Made

I will be there for you

You are in my heart

Past, present and future tense



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take your space

take your freedom

take your rights for a perfect life that you wish for yourself

take your silent arguments

its important that you make something out of nothing

take your fear

it makes perfect sense to fear that which is known

take your future

i know that you can control it

take your shoes

you need them to walk away

take your memories

i dont need them

take your accessories

i wouldn’t sell them

leave your baggage

you wont use it

be free my love


you will take your memory of me too

on the way

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Its gonna hurt bad before it gets better

i will never get over you by hiding this way

to hell with my pride

let it fall like rain from my eyes

post war syndrome

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When I think back on these times and the dreams i left behind

i think i was blessed i was to have you in have in my life

through the mist of memories, i see your face

Looking back, without the rose coloured glasses

I am 20 20

Seeing clearly

As if the soundtrack went sharp

This late hour necessitates that I tell you

what my heart has always beat

there will be a place for you

and everywhere i go

you will be there


you were there for me

in my dreams i see you and in my heart I feel you

and the love i had for you

lives on

in each step i take

in each dream i make

we no longer speak

it has been years

this message in a bottle

is one of thanks

thank you

for making me

i love who i am

and having your ghost

as permanent resident

more than this

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it just dont feel right

this empty heart

this hollow bed

counting the echoes of the clock

i wish it would tick

it easier to lie to you than it is to myself

i have forgotten what is right

what is wrong

just feel my skin

come over

lie next to me

share my heart

fill my bed

i dont need you

but everything else seems an argument with myself

forget about what i said

i said i didnt care

we dont have to fix each other

we dont have to say forever

just come over


make me right




pitter patter

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And I feel like I am naked in front on the crowd

Cards on the table

Still awake, not willing to unravel my latest mistake

Because it isn’t

Not yet or not ever?

Learning to breathe is something I never learned to do

Catching my breathe is what I am used to

My god, the boy is beautiful when he smiles

Winter is more my season

Covered up to the neck, over and above the heart

When spring comes, not even thinking of summer

Does that mean that i need to strip

I can’t breathe

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Lightning strikes. But wait…. no thunder.


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